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31 Casper Drive

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31 Casper Drive - Jobsite # 21

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel and Raffie Jenko
Stewards (JPEG at Robbie & Cathy's Wedding March 1991)

Raffie Jenko, Father Cody, Samuel Jenko
Jpeg: October 1986 at Elaine's Wedding

This is a Santa Rosa Model
Master Bath: Renovated along with Addition.
Guest Bath: #928

Report from Mrs. (Samuel) Raffie Jenco - March 2009
Sam and I purchased our home December 1974 from the original purchaser, an attorney from Maryland, that never used the house.
In 1974, enroute home from our Condo in Palm Beach we played the Palm Harbor Golf Course. We were the first to play the 18 hole course, the back nine opening that day.
The home here at 31 Casper Drive was being used as an office by ITT. My husband went to our next door neighbor, Walter Kopecky, that was also a Realtor. He contacted the Maryland owner and we purchased our home for $ 42,500.00 in 1974. We use it as a winter home and had many enjoyable years here.
Prior to our purchase, our home was used as a rental for the people whose home was not yet complete, including Dr. Dunn and Fran Curry.
In the 'early years', Palm Coast , under ITT , was Beautiful.
Raffie Jenco.

We remain Stewards of these Resources hoping for a Certified Local Government like so many other Florida Leadership Cities already are; hoping for a Museum like Flagler Beach already has.