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Palm Coast had a massive  official 'Fleet'. All Prospective Buyers had to take the official 'Guided Tour' to be shown all the Promised and  Developer Pledged Amenities and all their respective Features and areas of the 15,000 ' Green Enclaves' that were promised.  The Fleet was comprised of first white, then Blue, touring Vans,  then Jitney Trolleys,  a Double Decker London Bus, and Boats of varying Sizes, including a Paddlewheeler.  Captain Kevin Fearon, formerly with the Merchant Marines was head of Palm Coast's 'Fleet".  The Double Decker London Bus was known as the 'Getting to know us Bus'.  Captain Fearon  drove our London Bus at the Open House of the Daytona International Speedway.  Captain Fearon drove our London Bus around the two-and-one-half mile tri-oval and in a fw hours had carried about 1,800 visitors.
Below are some jpegs of the Palm Coast Fleet.

Some components of Palm Coast's large 'Fleet'.  All components were used for the required  'Guided Tour' offered by  The Company.  They were used also for Recreational Purposes, such as Fishing Excursions, etc.

Grand Opening of our Yacht Club - 1973.
Captain Kevin Fearon was head of our 'Fleet'. L-R Cpt. Fearon,Robert Start, Harry Kempa, Dot Griffin

Palm Coasts' Fleet Paddlewheeler
This Paddlewheeler was part of Palm Coasts Massive Fleet.

Palm Coast 'Fleet'
Boats from the Palm Coast 'Fleet' departing the Welcome Center Tower Docks

The Boat Fleet Welcome Center 64' High Tower Dock
Boats departed from these Docks to our Beach Club, 'Boat to Golf' Dock' at Palm Harbor Golf Course.

Our "Getting to know us' Double Decker London Bus
Our 'Fleet' was also comprised of this Double Decker London Bus.

One remaining example of many Palm Coast Trolleys







The Marina /Marina Complex/ Resort we once had.

We believe our Trolleys were manufactured by Georgia Trolley. We are awaiting confirmation from Dick Adelizzi, President of Cable Car Concepts , of this to give them credit. Please *click* here to go to their webpage. Thank them; Thank You!

Sent: Tuesday, April 06, 2010 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: Can you please help idenify our Trolley?

  This trolley is definitely one which we built. I think it was purchased
by Palm Coast Realty to sell real estate. I would need the vin # to
confirm this. If it is I have video of it when it was new and being used
in Palm Coast.
                                    Dick Adelizzi, pres
                                    Cable Car Concepts

We will remain Stewards of our Heritage Materials hoping for a Museum..