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Palm Coast Video
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We hope you enjoy this Video of the Beauty we had last Century and that this serves as both a wonderful  Heritage Resource and Historic Resource.
This video shows just    some    of the Developer pledged Amenities and their features for us.
Most were '....within walking distance...'  for us of the center 'Core' of Palm Coast  ,  with in Palm Harbor Sections 1-19 as referenced by the Federal Trade Commission 'Consent Agreement' : International Tel. and Tel. Corp., Docket # C-2854 , Findings, Opinions, and Orders, July 1, 1976 - December 31, 1976 Volume 88.
We really miss the Marina / Marina Complex-Resort and all of its features - Boat Ramp, Intracoastal Pavilion,  Paddlewheel and Observation Dock, our 'Bike Trail' within the Complex, the adjacent public 'Bon Terre' Boat Dock across the Intracoastal;  our 'Players Club'  Tennis Club and Swim Club ,  our Palm Coast Beach Club later known as 'Sunsport Beach Club'  and all of our Palm Coast Beach Club features, overlooking ' ...5 miles of Palm Coast Beaches...' and especially we miss our beloved 'Matanzas Golf Course' pledged Amenity for us. Almost all of these were a necessary requisite for the 'Official Guided Tour' required and offered to us first by ITT Levitt, later ITT Community Development Corporation.
We really miss only having to pay ONE Golf Course Management fee to have the FOUR SISTERS named and identified pledged Amenities of  Palm Harbor Golf Course; Cypress Knoll Golf Course, Pine Lakes Golf Course, and our cherished Matanzas Golf Course, whereas, now, we would all have to pay TWO Golf Management Companies, Hampton Golf and Kemper Golf to have the 'Four Sisters' Golf  courses experience.  We asked Hampton golf to provide insight into this; no reply to date. We even asked McCurrach Golf to forward our request for insight to Hampton and sadly no response from Hampton Golf again; perhaps they are busy.

We will remain Stewards of these Heritage and Historic Resources hoping for a Museum like Flagler Beach already has, hoping for a Certified Local Government like so many other Florida Leadership Cities already are.