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The Dreamhouse Sweepstakes:


The Dreamhouse Sweepstakes
Here's a bit of good advice:  Visit the Palm Cost Welcome Center before March 31, 1983.
Here's why that is good advice:  Sometime before that day, one lucky person is going to stroll into the Palm Coast Welcome Center and turn in a game card that will win the   Family Circle All-American Dream House,    all the furniture inside the house and a homesite in   The Woodlands   at Palm Coast a package valued at $ 83,000.
Even the less lucky ones - each and everyone - will get at least $ 1,000 off the purchase price of a Palm Coast Construction Company ( PCC ) home, just for showing up and entering the Dream House Sweepstakes. Instant winners can receive as much as $ 5,000 off the price af a PCC home.
The Sweepstakes is being sponsored by ITT Community Development Corporation  ( ICDC) , and its greand prize is a house that could please just about everybody. In fact, The Dream House's custom design takes into consideration the wishes of a scientific sampling of just about everybody. The Two-bedroom house has many of the features Americans want most in the 1980's home, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the National Association of Homebuilders.
The Dream House sits now on a landscaped site overlookng the canal just behind the Welcome Center. After the winning number is announced April 1, 1983, the grand prize will be moved to a beautiful wooded lot in The Woodlands, with a houseful of furniture from Spiegel Inc. of Chicago not far behind. And not long after that, the one lucky person who held the winning number could be calling the Dream House home.
Here's how the sweepstakes works:
More than half a million game cards are being printed and will be placed at 8000 hotels, car rental agencies, restaurants, service stations, rest areas and other so called tourist stops in North and Central Florida, as well as at the Welcome Center.
The only place to enter the sweepstakes is at the Welcome Center. There, a special decoder, called The Unscrambler, reveals the instant winner prize - a $ 1,000, $ 3,000, of $ 5,000 house discount - that is printed on all game cards in scrambled ink. And just for good measure, everyone entering the sweepstakes receives a free Palm Coast visor.
Filling in the game card coupon and


dropping it in the Dream House Swpeepstakes display box at the Welcome Center is the next step. Then, on April 1, 1983, the winning number will be announced.
The Dream house itself is a joint project of the American Plywood Association (AP) and Family Circle magazine. APA, which has sponsored a custom plywood home in conjunction with a national magazine for almost 15 years now, approached Family Circle about spotlighting and "All American Dream House at a Price you Can Afford."  APA has worked with Family Circle in the past, as well as Better Homes and Gardens and other publications, featuring homes in locatles as diverse as Las Vegas and Chapel Hill. N.C.
Famlly Circle agreed, and APA retained Architect Joe Greenberg, Coral Gables, Florida, to design the house, using the national survey results as a guide. Greenberg's work with Palm Coast Construction Company in the past prompted him to introduce APA to officials in Palm Coast.
From there the project began to take off. PCC built the homes last fall, and ICDC developed the plan for a sweepstakes to generate interest in the Dream House and in Palm Coast. Last month, photographers and staff from Family Circle spent more than a week in preparation and three days of actual shooting of the interior and exterior of the Dream House.  Those photos are expected to be used in the September 1, 1982 50th Anniversary issue of Family Circle in an article on the Dream House.
In mid-August, when the Dream House issue of Family Circle hits the newstands, flip the pages and dream about winning the house and living under oaks and palms in The Woodland at Palm Coast.
If you haven't already entered by then, the aritcle and photos should convince you. The dream of winning the Dream House may not come true, but thousands of dollars off the price of a Palm Coast Construction home might bring the dream of living in Palm Coast a little closer to reality.

The Palm Coaster, Winter Spring 1982, p.1-2.

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